Keep Our Country's Citizens Safe from the

COVID-19 Outbreak

Your community is currently at risk, we, Corona Tracks (CT), take the initiative to help you neutralize the spread and save millions of lives!

What We Offer?

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Authority Portal

Used by officials to view and track Corona cases and provide authentic information.

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General Public Dashboard

To spread awareness of trends, receive authentic information and best practices to the citizens.

Why Choose Corona Tracks (CT)

Access to information of all local citizens. (Current stage/status, location, etc)

Real-time traces to confirmed cases and case stages in each city.

In-depth insights to view trends to implement mitigation strategies.

Alerts and warnings for necessary precautions to be follow.

Give citizens access to a legitimate source for authentic information.

How it works

What the Authority Portal does

The authority portal would give the officials real-time access to keep track of the suspected, affected, quarantined and deceased patients. Authority portal eases contact tracing- to the places patients have visited along with the patient’s closely contacted possible carriers. This dashboard will give the medical authorities a summary of statistics which will be circulated to the general public dashboard. This would give the nation actual information which would help in controlling and containing the virus.

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  • Collect patient data
    • Recently visited places for the past 2 weeks
    • Patient’s closely contacted possible carriers details
  • Color-codes to define patient’s stage/status
  • Test status of a patient
  • Updates about the active and recovered status of a contaminator.


As an initiative for an inquisitive audience who are currently very curious about the current situation & to the public who are very concerned about the current state of affairs of the ongoing virus , our General Public Dashboard provides the public with an informative site that allows the citizens of the country to be aware of their country’s status on the current condition and take the adequate precautionary methods to help the control of the panic that is created by false information. This Dashboard’s helps the general public citizens and the impact it will create is as follows- for locals we aim to give an overview of the current status of the situation in the country, be informed of the surrounding affected areas of the virus, avoid false information being spread among the vicinity and take control over the panic attacks caused by the active patient toll increasing in each region, looking at a foreign based audience, this dashboard will be of use to see the stats of the country of interest,get authentic news feed regarding the virus & be well informed of the precautionary measures that should be followed.

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  • A map that will be shown according to the country selected & color specific circles which will be responsive depicting the affected areas with COVID & once a circle is selected , a detailed summary will be listed of the affected area
  • Count of the number of patients that are detected active,recovered,deceased & confirmed
  • Statistical graphs of the progress of the recovery and infected patients
  • Precautionary methods that the public should be following inorder to keep themselves safe
  • Trending news related to the COVID

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